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Due to the work with my executive coach, I am making a big impact in a short amount of time. My team, peers, and manager have noticed significant changes in how I lead.

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Mary Jo provided a path and new perspective towards solving team conflicts. She offered the change in approach we needed to move beyond personalities to becoming an effective team.

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Highly interactive and engaging, Mary Jo’s workshop struck the right balance of concept, example and practice. It was among our top-rated workshops of the year.

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Mary Jo has the coaching experience that makes our supervision sessions meaningful. She offers guidance, perspective, & expertise just where I need it in my thinking & in my coaching.

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Current Posts on Leading Others

The work relationships you need to pay more attention to

Through years of interviewing leader’s stakeholders, I’ve noticed a tendency for leaders to put a lot of effort into developing relationships with their boss and their direct reports. But they may neglect a group of important stakeholders: their peers. This can result in these peers misunderstanding or having conflict with the leader in question. So, […]

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Leadership IS personal

Robert was well known as an executive who would go ballistic for the smallest of transgressions by others. He seemed to take everything personally, and often blamed the messenger who reluctantly carried any bad news into his office. I often heard him yelling and swearing so loudly at someone that you could hear every word […]

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